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A Singular Name and Look for Ara: History Untold

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We believe the world could use more optimism and possibility.

Xbox and Oxide invited us to partner with them on Ara: History Untold, a new 4x strategy game with the goal of disrupting the category by offering a more optimistic, inclusive, and organic take on typical strategy game tropes. We are always inspired to take on new and groundbreaking challenges.

We were tasked with capturing the immense scope and vision of Ara, a game that starts at the dawn of civilization and moves through the pinnacle of human achievement. There are no rails limiting who or what might happen, and no preset way to win like other 4X games.

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Creative that puts humanity at the center

We identified new categories to explore for names that were as unique as our game. We looked beyond traditional Latin and Greek names, at the breadth of global history, humanity, evolution. We quickly landed on Ara, a name that is easy to say, bright-sounding, and connects back to the creator of the sky in Iban mythology.

Throughout the game, leaders emerge and historical events unfold across the world stage. We crafted a vis-id and key art system that embodies how leaders seamlessly blend the past, present and future.

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Skylight has set the bar for excellence in creating game visual identities – naming, logos, key art. They have become indispensable partners in developing on-brand strategies and delivering break-through creative. An amazing team!

Catherine Haller
Xbox Sr Marcom Manager
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