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Always Within Striking Distance

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Our identity must reflect our vision of greatness

Striking Distance Studios was built by industry veteran Glen Schofield with the goal of bringing AAA, narrative-driven experiences into the PUBG universe of brands. A critical piece of building this new studio was development of a brand identity that lived up to the experience and vision of its founders. Skylight was brought on by PUBG to work closely with Glen and his team to help clarify the values that define Striking Distance, and to craft a timeless and compelling identity that makes a statement about their intention to bring something new to the gaming industry.


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Before beginning design work on this identity, we worked closely with Striking Distance to evaluate, understand, clearly articulate the values behind their studio. These industry veterans are masters of their craft, bringing original, emotional, and polished AAA gaming experiences to fans with the confidence to be bold and daring in their stories and approach. All of these core traits needed to shine through in a mark that conveyed their internal rallying cry “always within striking distance of greatness.”

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As we began work on this identity, our aim was to develop an iconic mark that was immediately recognizable and memorable. We wanted it to connect visually with PUBG DNA, resonate within both gaming and entertainment more broadly, and feel immediately grounded in the core values that define Striking Distance Studios. It needed to feel precise, dangerous, coiled and ready to strike.


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Once our core brand mark was defined, we used its design language and meaning to inspire an overall brand identity system to help fuel and inform the long list of elements a new and rapidly growing game studio would need, resulting in a clean, modern, and aggressive aesthetic perfectly matched to the Striking Distance approach to game design.


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And, in the end, our team was able to deliver a clear brand guide and toolkit to help ensure this newly established identity system will stand the test of time.

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