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We share Xbox’s genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion, so we were thrilled to partner with them to shine the light on the unique voices and perspectives of the grassroots communities that make up the broader Gaming For Everyone community at Xbox.

A diverse design challenge

Recognizing how much value G4E communities bring to the organization, Microsoft and Xbox wanted to support them even more with the tools needed to create connections, boost recruitment, and celebrate together.

Currently G4E is made up of 5 grassroots communities: Blacks at Xbox, Women in Gaming, Team Xbox LGBTQIA, Team Xbox Latinx, and Gaming and Accessibility. Xbox asked us create distinct visual identities for each community, alongside a holistic design system that would unify all the identities in a meaningful way.

"Nothing about us without us."

Through a series of interviews and hands-on working sessions with the broader G4E teams, we identified the unique mindsets and values of each community. One of the outcomes from this work was highlighted in the statement “nothing about us without us.” This became a guiding principle for our work together. Working collaboratively, we identified artist partners who shared each community's values and lived experiences.

Art that amplifies

It was an honor to partner with artists Richie Pope, Erin Nations, Olivia Fields, Alyssa Alarcon Santo, and Xoana Herrera to create meaningful key art that would become central to each group’s identity.

To further create a sense of connection and belonging, we incorporated the likenesses of individuals from the G4E teams that we’d met at Xbox into each piece of key art, and then built a holistic system using a set of colors from the Microsoft brand palette.

Driving ongoing engagement

We crafted easy to use design tools for each community to empower them to celebrate themselves in big and small ways.

The rollout of this internal campaign began with the debut of the Blacks at Xbox key art during Black History month last year.