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A Recruitment Call for Future Alchemists

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A new identity reflecting our favorite local, human-centered, and diversity-first code school.

We partnered with Alchemy Code Labs to clarify their brand platform and refresh their identity and website. Alchemy’s curriculum is built on the foundation that code is a humane practice, related to art and nature, and it can help us achieve our full potential. They remove unnecessary complexity and jargon to make coding a natural expression of being a human today. In that spirit, we set out to create an unembellished, simple, and clear identity system that is ready for the challenges we face now, and can adapt to tomorrow.

The letter A, or Alpha, is often the start of something new and is grounded on a bar that is at once a horizon and a nod to clarity or precision in a technical skill.

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Our color palette was chosen to further ground the coding practice as part of the natural world. We wanted people to feel confident in their decision to matriculate at Alchemy. We also worked with a group of illustrators from around the world to generate a suite of assets to be used to simplify complex ideas across our website and social media, and the shape language used in infographics was born from simple typographic elements found in code.

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Through a series of worksessions and close collaboration, we applied these principles to the information architecture, copy, photography, and design of Alchemy’s website, their key touchpoint to speak to career-switchers and their support networks, allowing Alchemy Code Lab to continue to recruit a diverse and inclusive group of future Alchemists.