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A Heartwarming Tale of Two Best Friends

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Bringing The Biggest Friendship To Life.

Developed by Tequila Works, known for their heartfelt narratives and puzzle-filled adventures, Song of Nunu: A League of Legends™ Story is a Riot Forge game focused on bringing the beautiful story of two best friends from League of Legends to life in an entirely new gameplay setting. Through the lens of Nunu and Willump’s journey and friendship, our goal was to help Riot Forge introduce a whole new audience to the LoL universe by creating key art and a design system to support the launch of this exciting new title.

A Boy and His Yeti BFF

For the Deluxe Edition game, we created a piece of key art that was geared more towards LoL fans who already know and love Nunu and Willump. The existing relationship this audience has with the characters and lore allowed our team to lean into a clean, simple, and refined piece of art that focused on the sheer joy and energy of these two characters.

Reaching Global Audiences

Song of Nunu’s English language logo was developed in partnership between Tequila Works and Riot Forge. Once finalized, Skylight worked with the Riot Forge team to develop a collection of localized logos for use in key global markets throughout Asia.

Using the visual identity we’d developed for Song of Nunu as our foundation, our team expanded on the key themes of the work to establish an overall design language and aesthetic, ultimately building an expanded brand identity guide and toolkit, giving Riot Forge everything needed to bring Song of Nunu: A League of Legends™ Story to life for its global launch.

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