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The X0 event series takes place annually in iconic cities around the world, connecting directly with new and old fans, and celebrating the unique culture of each location. Working closely with the Xbox team, we created a unified and enduring design system and location-specific key art to imagine a new culture of gaming.

A sense of place

Starting with the inaugural X0 event in 2018, we helped Xbox define this series of multi-cultural fanfestevents. Working collaboratively, we develop the naming and messaging strategy. Our graphic elements are rooted in the cultural motifs that would resonate with attendees in X018's exclusive location: Mexico City. Our shared goal was to generate excitement and disrupt in a way that is on brand for Xbox, while showcasing the rich cultural history of Mexico.

Fan favorites

One of our favorite outcomes was the custom controller—which began as a concept sketch as part of the key art. When Xbox teased glimpses of it to fans, the response was so overwhelmingly positive that the team at Xbox decided to produce it as a super limited edition controller. The collectible controller became a staple of the annual event.

Our other favorite moment was having Phil Spencer wear the t-shirt we designed while being interviewed at X018.

London Calling

Building on our learnings from X018, in 2019 we helped bring the event to London.

Gaming Lifestyle

With London as the chosen destination for X019, we looked for ways to create moments that had global appeal for every Xbox fan around the world, and to gain the attention of new fans in adjacent categories. We worked closely with the Xbox hardware team to develop a custom controller controller for 2019. London-based DPM studio, the camouflage division of Hardy Blechman’s London-based streetwear label, maharishi, designed a custom texture inspired by the Thames River at the center of our art.

Shared on Hypebeast and High Sobiety, the limited edition controller sold out almost immediately.